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"Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off"

Every client is different, therefore every appointment is different. These services are 100% customizable to YOU.

All new color clients are REQUIRED to book a consultation appointment before booking a color service.



You're probably wondering, "Why is a consultation so important?"

The consultation allows us to meet in person, Hey there!

It is a time for us to chat about your hair goals, look through inspiration photos and come up with the best plan to achieve your goal hair. Meeting in person also allows me to see your hair and give you a more accurate quote for your color service.

ALL NEW CLIENTS must book a consultation first.



Color: $75+
Global Blonde: $135+


Full Head Dimension: $150+
Half Head Dimension: $110+
Balayage: $130+
Partial Balayage: $100+

Dimensional Mini: $70+
Base color with Dimension: $140+




Womens haircuts depend on the thickness of the hair. Pricing will be discussed during the consultation, before the service is started. All Haircut services include blow-dry styling.

Color Correction

$80 per hour

A color correction can be either taking unwanted color out of the hair, or adding pigment back in.  An estimate of the amount of time that may be needed as well as cost will be discussed during the consultation, before the start of the service.


Vivid Colors

$80 per hour

Vivid colors are a lot of fun whether you add a little pop or have an entire head of rainbow hair. No matter what look you're going for, all options and pricing will be discussed during the consultation. 


Shampoo, Blow-dry style: $40+
Formal Styling: $70+
Bridal Styling: $100+

Bridal styling requires a trial appointment at least 2 weeks before the day of the wedding.


After booking your Styling appointment, please take these simple steps before coming in:

  1. Wash your hair the night before and make sure it is 100% dry before your appointment. 

  2. Wear a button up or loose neck shirt. This way when it is time to put on that perfect outfit, your hair will stay just as perfect. ​

That is it! Taking these steps will help make sure the appointment goes seamless and stress free. ​

There are no words to describe how absol

Everything listed above are base prices only and are subject to change. To receive your personalized quote, book your consultation now!

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